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Junior Farmers Camp
at the Strong Family Farm

For 135 years, the Strong Family Farm has stood at the heart of Vernon. It once comprised of more than

50 acres on West Road and Hartford Turnpike.  Over the decades, the farm housed cows, chickens and turkeys and provided Vernon and surrounding towns with fresh milk, eggs, poultry, hay and other crops.  We're exploring this historic farm and all it has to offer!  In this five-day camp, junior farmers will learn all about different aspects of the farm including:

- raising chickens

- bees & other pollinators

- gardening & growing crops

- farm life throughout the years and more!

Join us for hands-on farm activities, scavenger hunts, arts & crafts, games and special guests! 

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Thursday: Strong Farm History

What was a typical day on the farm like in the late 1800s?  How is it different from present day?

Friday: End of Week Celebration

What have we learned & how can we apply it at home or around our community?


Aug. 22 - Aug. 26, 2022 (M-F)


1-3 PM




274 West Street

Vernon CT 06066

$125 per child

Camp will be held rain or shine with all activities held either outside or in the barn.  This is a drop-off camp.

Questions?  Email us here.

Tuesday: Pollinators

What are pollinators and why are they important?  What are some native pollinator plants in CT?

Monday: Chickens

What do chickens eat?  What breeds are on the farm?  How often do they lay eggs?  How do we care for them?

Wednesday: Garden Day

What does "in season" mean?  What foods grow best in CT and why? 

Let's plant a garden!